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“We Are LA Tech”

Fiction. Based on a True Self-Loathing Experience After a Podcast Interview. 23 minute read

Here’s the Full Interview –> Click Here

You left the podcast interview feeling like a total failure.

You have an inkling as to why that’s so.

You mentioned God and Jesus in a tech podcast.

It felt like you had completely disrespected the theme of the show, one that is concentrated on “tech” and “scientific,” like you had let down the host of the show and Jesus, and Judah Smith, Mel Novak, and Cristina Marzullo, all spiritual catalyzers during your lukewarm phase of spirituality.

When Z asked for mentors, how come you didn’t mention their names?

You were embarrassed about being Christian.

You thought about the

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  1. This is very thought provoking, and fun to read- well sometimes painful as well! (I recognize my own weakness and doubts reading your work)
    I’m also a Christian writer and I understand how hard it is to deal with the world, our own failures, and the hardness of heart of the art world.
    Keep up your vision and thank you for being so transparent,
    God go with you!

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