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Wedding Dress Interview

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The Wedding Dress Interview

When The Love Story Media, Inc. was still “The Love Story Project…” and you were still trying to get out of your own head. You were better, thanks to the companionship and compassion of AA, and now you are curious to see if this can be related to heartbreak.

You remember the sign when a veteran AA member had asked you if you truly were an alcoholic. You thought to yourself, “yes, and a co-dependent,” kind of like a hybrid between the two. This was right around the time you sold the town home after your divorce, so in honor of being a co-dependent, you thought you would break out of co-dependency and travel on your own, in a wedding dress, and interview random strangers in a city very far from your home, so you can ask the questions you wouldn’t even ask your friends, “have you ever loved and lost?”

This was the experiment for The Love Story Project to see if people would open up, and this is what you discovered.

August 16, 2013

Originally, you signed up to do a weekend yoga retreat at the Wanderlust Festival in Mont Tremblant, 143 km (or approx. an hour and a half) away from Montreal, but decided that you wanted to do a social experiment along the way. You had a hypothesis: Crazy people aren’t the only ones who have suffered the pains of love loss. All the shares you’ve done and the stories you’ve heard  up to this point were conducted in context to an addiction or a mental illness. What you wanted to hear were everyday people expressing their vulnerabilities. Your hypothesis is that love loss was a human condition rather than a disease or an illness.

So, you haggled a $99 wedding dress in downtown Los Angeles, and with it, flew to DC, then Mega-bused it from city to city, stopping at each town’s landmark, with a mic and a good samaritan on the street to hold the camera for me, all so you can ask this one question to people in passing….

“Have you ever Loved and Lost?”

Something about the anonymity, the release and excitement of telling your most intimate story about a topic so personal such as love and love loss, that it somehow took me out of my own self-pity.

The interviews started out rough–You really didn’t know what the heck you were doing. The last time you did anything related to interviewing for journalism was when you were reporting for the high school Newspaper and the only time you had published anything was when you volunteered as the Newspaper advisor for the middle school you had worked for five years ago. Thus, getting started with cold-interviewing strangers in a strange city was a bit of an adventure. At the time, you had never went to Washington DC, or Philly, or Boston. You just wanted to interview random strangers who were willing to open up about their love lives to a crazy Asian girl in a wedding dress with a microphone.

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Special Thanks to your best friend Amy Chang for filming in DC, to Sam for filming in Boston, and to all the wonderful people who were gracious to go on camera to share their heart out.

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