Vlogumentary Journal

Diary of a Crazy Social Entrepreneur

Ep. 89 “Beautiful People”

Ep. 88 “Adam’s Apple”

Ep. 87 “Chapter 2: The Properties of Love”

Ep. 86 “Producer’s Playbook Final Edits”

Ep. 85 “Mirror Neurons”

Ep. 84 “A Rhyme for Palestine”

Ep. 84 “Fiction. BOTS Journaling”

Ep. 83 “Shot in the Dark”

Ep. 82 “The Race Set Before You”

Ep. 81 “Sunflower”

Ep. 80 “True Blue”

Ep.79 “See Your Face”

Ep.78 “The Pilgrim”

Ep.77 “Angels All Around Me”

Ep.76 “Fountain of Everlasting Grace”

Ep.74 “The Sick Woman”

Ep.73 “Faith Strengthening”

Ep.72 “The Producer’s Playbook”

Ep.71 “Hidden Desires”

Ep.70 “Love is Sovereign”

Ep.69 “God’s Eve”

Ep.68 “Integrating the Shadow”

Ep.67 “The Journal-Artist”

Ep.66 “Charlotte’s Web”

Ep.65 “No Justice for the One Who Saves”

Ep.64 “Chopin’s Heart”

Ep. 63 “Anne’s Diary”

Ep.61 “Willingness”

Ep.60 “Divine Will of the Unknown”

Ep.56 “Zero Day”

Ep.55 “Lines of the Broken”

Ep.54 “Who’s Got Your Backend?”

Ep 53 “Left Hand Path”

Ep.52 “Smart Contracts”

Ep.50 “Work, Work, Work.”

Ep.49 “Love is the Answer”

Ep.48 “Full Stack”

Ep.47 “Spiritual Warfare”

Ep.46 “Game Face”

Ep.45 “First Kiss”

Ep.44 “Bipolar”

Ep.43 “Warrior Baby”

Ep.42 “Faith and Fireworks”

Ep.41 “Figurehead”

Ep.40 “Breaking Bad”

Ep.39 “What’s Next”

Ep.38 “Sweet Love”

ep. 37 “Road to Berlin”

Ep.36 “Tales From the Crypto”

Ep.35 “Embrace”

ep. 34 “Second in Command”

Ep.33 “Falling”

Ep.32 “It’s Only Love”

ep. 31 “Which Doctors”

Ep.30 “Northern Nights”

Ep. 29 “Resurrection”

ep. 28 “Broken Open”

Ep. 27 “Mustard Seed”

Ep. 25 “My Valentines”

Ep. 24 “Breaking Bread Diaries”

Ep. 23 “Meeting the Guides”

Ep. 22 “Son God”

Ep. 21 “Femme Fatale”

Ep. 20 “Road to Sundance”

Ep. 19 “Zoology”

Ep. 18 “Botanical”

Ep. 16 “Ride Along”

Ep. 15 “Eve’s New Year”

Ep. 14 “Grit, Grants, and Gratitudes”

Ep. 13 “Birthday Sex”

Ep. 12 “The Fourth Communion”

Ep. 10 “Dear Justin”

Ep. 9 “First Love Story Interviews 2013”

Ep. 8 “Country Blues”

Ep. 07 “Sow, Little Sheep, Sow”

Ep. 06 “Growth Hack”

Ep. 5 “Morning Walk”

Ep. 04 “Soul Sisters”

Ep. 03 “Fools Rush In”

Ep. 02 “Give it Away”

Ep. 01 “Call to Adventure”