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She overheard your conversation when you were speaking to the handsome German traveler and your bestie on your dilemma. A man you had a potential to be more than but you fucked it up. You tested instead of having faith that the chemistry was real.

The conversation got heated because bestie wanted you to stop interrupting her when she was talking about her love with a man who traveled to New York to meet her. The conversation got heated again when German traveler said that he would not come back if he were in his shoes. You don’t want to accept it, yet that is probably exactly what you need to do for the universe to respond. There’s too much attachment and expectation energy to pull a possibility.

The universe wants you to trust more.


She overhears your conversation and asks you to do the interview then and there.

You oblige. She transcribes your thoughts on love.

Soulscollection is a blog by Honey Zaw @softmaybe_hz on how people view love. For more interviews on love go here

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