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Barry Keith Coe Jr, Skyler Shelley and Noelle Lynn interviewed you on the Flavorz Podcast about starting up a company centered around heartbreak, an aside on the challenges of teaching public school in underserved communities, and doing crazy things when you fall head over heels over someone.

You took a few hits of their MJ prior to the interview and it suddenly made you think of Joe Rogan and his podcasts. You’re grateful that he’s doing his podcasts high now. It slows you down so you’re less in your head more more in your heart. You start accepting the different variations of truth–there is the truth you insist on and then there’s the truth that others are holding onto. Plant medicine like Sativa and Indica can help you tap into other people’s truth and for you to get to the heart of your truth.

Listen Episode 11 on iTunes:

–>> “Why Our Hearts are Designed to be Broken” <<–

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–>> “Why Our Hearts are Designed to be Broken” <<–

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