Diary of a Crazy Social Entrepreneur

Fiction. Based on a True Love Story.

Hi Everyone, my name is Mingjie, and I’m a Journal-Artist.

This vlogumentary journal is an account of my journey as a crazy social entrepreneur. It’s a testimony of my fuck-ups, my failures, and my ah-ha moments. 

Purpose of this Journal:

I write for my tribe—the love addicts, the crazies, the losers, the wayward, the wanderers, the abnormals, the people with “mental issues”, the druggies, the alcoholics, the sensitive artists, the bipolar, the manic depressives, the schizophrenics, the suicide attempt survivors, the grievers, the PTSDs, the broken ones, the sad ones, the ones who have been judged, labeled, and boxed into a category, and for the most part, dismissed, derided, and ignored.

I’m starting a new movement of journalism called “Journal-Artistism,” grounded upon 1 Corinthians 13, a media that re-associates the pieces through the power of fiction, based on a true love story. 

Yes, it is a love story, though initially it may not look like it, but hey, it’s based on reality. I realized some time ago that the truth is often hidden best in fiction–to protect our loved ones. Fiction, based on a true ___  is the best medium to protest and protect, to change without casting blame, to inspire others to look upon ourselves in the context of God’s eyes–the ever compassionate, forgiving, and agape power of God’s love.

This is how I must tell the truth whilst still inspire people to look at themselves.

“To know others is to be wise. To know thyself is to be awakened.” –Lao Tse

I’m journaling in the third person omniscient to discover the characters of myself and the people in my life.

It’s fiction, based on a true story.

Journaling in the third person omniscient to discover the present moment expansion of me and my life through the sense of the adventure I co-create with God is adventurous and exciting. What I aim to do in my writings is to:

  • Keep it Raw
  • Keep it Authentic
  • Keep it Vulnerable

I share with you.

You, who’ve attempted suicide.

You, who’ve gone through deep depression.

You, who’ve received a diagnosis and feel boxed in.

I write for me.

It’s where the voices in my head find release.

Journaling in fiction, BOTS (Based on a True Story), is the way of the Journal-Artist.

I journal to encourage you to journal.

Your writing voice is uniquely yours—it could be poetry, music lyrics, fiction, vignettes, Tolkien—anything.

Just journal.

Free verse it if you have to.

Just journal.

Get to know yourself.

Journal to fall in love with yourself again. 

Journal to save your own life. Be the hero in your own love story.

How will I know this will work?

Because when I was the suicidal, depressed, and labeled “the crazy girl,” the best elements of my recovery came from people generous and brave enough to take their “mask off.” That’s when I knew that crazies can take the past of highest resistance–the path of creative expression. 

Instead of exploding or imploding. Know that the walk towards the higher version of yourself is the most worthy of causes. 

Instead of hiding depression, embrace it.

When you embrace depression instead of making it wrong, you have the power to transmute it.

Take away the stigma of depression and you reduce the suicidal intent.

I’ve learned to embrace my craziness by looking into areas where I can transform it into a contribution. When I’m depressed, I create.

I can only be me. You can only be you.

The Voices in my Head:

First, the Id, told in the first person, is the dark side of the moon, and explores the beastly, alter-ego–also known as the reptilian brain stem. Fight, flight, freeze. 

Second, the ego and the Character Revealed. 

Finally, the Third “I,” is achieved through the layering of the first and second voice.